So, I had a major stroke. I had open heart surgery at 16 and 33 to repair my aortic valve. My new valve is metal and a clot must have formed on it and I ended up with a clot in my brain.

Here so portfolio so I used to a long go:

November 20, 2017 – Major Stroke. Words not here.

wormhole for timeline
Left Outlet DVD
The Veldt – me with the 3 cameras
Left Outlet DVD in 2007
Left Outlet video 2am
Left Outlet band
A Tin Djinn band
Left Outlet band
For the movie we did like 21 years
GoPro with canon and Sony.
February 29, 2020
I working words.
Trying to trumpet. June 8, 2019
So February 15, 2018 – so I hate my words now.
So I have a 48 hour movies from 10 years ago.
I think this ago I think 15 years ago – but Myspace